notes from the road

A pirate with a wooden leg is not a table; A man with long hair is not a girl!

While waiting for the bus back to Frouard a chap asked me for a cigarette

‘Excusez moi Madam… ough Monsieur, vous avez une cigarette?’

I replied to him with a smile, full in the knowledge that I was not the only person in the country who was struggling with this finicky language – in fact,  his mistake isn’t even something I would normally mess up!

And then came the dramatic change from feeling like ‘The man’ to feeling like a little girl.

The chap turned back to his laughing friends and spoke to them in French quicker than I could understand.

He didn’t make a mistake with the language, he genuinely thought I was a lady.

I either need to get a hair cut, or stop wearing pants.


One response

  1. kayla

    you truely are inspiring 🙂

    24,September, 2010 at 6:28 am

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