notes from the road

all is new again;

The last couple of posts have had their downer moments. Vandelised flower pots, girls who don’t call etc. Well, turns out that the sun does still shine and that good still vanquishes evil.

I met up with my French lass a week or two ago and we chatted for ages, had dinner together in the park  and went back to her place – almost 7 hours of French gold! She is really nice and I had a great time, but like all good things (that teach disabled kids in Holland) she is going to Holland to teach disabled kids. What a pity…

Also, on my way to work just the other day I noticed some more pot plants in the same place where the other ones were so needlessly destroyed. I would have thought that the council would take more precautions and secure them with chunky chains – but no. Instead they have crammed more flowers into the pots so that they are overflowing. Ha! Happiness, like flowers is endless…


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