notes from the road

Quoi? What?

Oh man. Language Language Language. It is really mastering my life right now.

I went to Germany recently to see my mate Maggy and was thrilled to speak English and have proper conversations about the future, family and life. The following week I felt really confident with my French too.  Last weekend, I went to Germany again for a Samba festival with my band. We spoke French all the time and I felt like I was left lacking in a massive way. All this week I felt pretty terrible French wise and the question of ‘why would I bother learning French when so many damn Frenchies speak English?’ popped up quite a bit.

So not speaking French makes me happy and speaking it makes my unhappy. Hmmm.

Last night at a Bahai Feast, I was in a unique triangle of conversation. There was an American woman who could speak Pharsie and English, a French man who could speak Pharsie and French, and me who could speak English and French. So we could all talk to each other but not at the same time. The prize winning moment happened when I offered to get a drink for the American lady and accidentally offered in French – oh silly me, I know too many languages it’s so hard to keep track of them all!

I don’t need to lose my English in order to learn French.


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