notes from the road

When you’re alone

For three weeks in October my family came to France and we had a splendid trip around the country together. Following that my little sister stayed with me for almost another three weeks and she has just recently left for further travellings. While here we cooked together, chatted about random stuff and even made a website dedicated to oranges just because we could – . But after the first few days that she left I started to feel quite lonely. No one to greet me when I got home, no one to hang out with and do fun stuff with and my spag bol just didn’t cut the mustard. So it was of course time to turn to my other mates here, and with a few squash games, chats in pubs and group get togethers I’m now feeling tipy tops again. But it’s got me asking the question. What would I have done before I could speak the language well enough to have friends here? Probably sat in my room and studied French. Ohh. Very un fun.

It does seem rather obvious and probably doesn’t need to be experienced to be believed, but speaking the same language as other people makes it much easier to make friends. As was probably always going to be the case, now at the end of the trip I’ve got friends and am starting to make some good headway with really using the language  and I’m heading off to start again somewhere new.

I’m rather enjoying work now that the higher level class has started but this hasn’t stopped me from counting down the days until I leave. I’m up for the next big move.


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