notes from the road

Enter level 2: The mocking zone

I have made an unfortunate advancement with my French. Apparently I have reached the point where it is alright to make fun of  my language skills. Before it was all cutsey

‘ahh, look at the little Australian trying to speak our language, coochee coo, through all of his mangled vocabulary, atrocious pronunciation and non existant grammar I can actually sort of understand what he means – who’s a clever boy!’

Yes it certainly sounds patronising when I write it here, but I quite like it. It makes me feel clever. Every time someone says ‘Oh you speak very good French’ I glow a little on the inside.

But now, thanks to my study and practise I have reached a stage less comforting for the confidence.

‘Oh, you’re actually a guy, see Justin said ‘Une Amie’ not ‘Un Ami’ on the telephone and I thought he had a lady friend, oh actually while we are on the subject check out this hilarious message Justin sent me the other day – look how he misses a few letters out and it makes no sense at all – ahh what a fool’.

In this last example I was actually trying to be a bit clever and use some French colloquialisms, but I did indeed make an error which would have looked like ‘G’day mate, how going?’.

Yes just a small error, and one that you could brush over, but not now that I have entered the next zone. Isn’t progress great?

Though slightly belittling, I will look forward to each mock and will wear it as a badge of pride knowing that I have entered the next level of language learning.


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