notes from the road

Who’s the adventurer?

I throw caution to the wind, I chase the morning sun, I live on the whims of fancy and drink from the cup of the unknown. I am an adventurer.

At least that’s what I thought until I heard qbout my little sisters latest escapades. She has been tropsing through Europe with mates in tow but without a mobile phone as she lost it in a London Hostel. She then proceeded to have both of her passports pickpocketed in Italy but was able to get back on track, water off a ducks back, after a stop at the embassy in Paris. Completely unperterbed she now wants to change all the plans that I carefully arranged – discarding our safe pre-booked tickets to see family in England. Why? Because she has fallen in love with a pommy chap in Valencia and thinks it nothing to jump on a cheap plane and traverse two countries to see him for a few more days. What about my idea of resting easy at our relatives farm, drinking a few cups of tea, chatting about the weather and perhaps reading a book? That’s still pretty adventurous right?

Actually part of the reason that I came to France in the first place was the chance that said little sister would do a gap year in France and learn French and I couldn’t have her out adventuring me. Well I’ll give credit where credit is due – she has been adaptable, postive and spontanious and has certainly done well this time. But I’ll come back and adventurously lead the way like only a big brother can – just as soon as the weather is a bit more predictable and I can find my sunhat.


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