notes from the road

Train of thought…

Lets talk French trains. They cop a bit of flack for being late and often never running because of the omnipresent strikes, but really this hasn’t ever really botherd me much – why shouldn’t a conductor get to retire at 55 with full benefits? No the thing that blots out the light of my glowrange is that they are very deceptive. Many a time I have walked onto a French train holding my 2nd class ticket and have been bamboozeled by the decor. Surely, I think, this plush velvet lined cabin must be 1st class, what are paupers like me meant to do with power outlets, wifi and folding tables? But upon searching the whole train I find that it is the 2nd class and that 1st class is exactly the same but just in a different colour. How deceptive can you get?!

That’s why I like German trains – there is no confusion. Right now I am in a fine example enroute to Brussels and there is not a shadow of a doubt that I am in the second class. I am sitting on a hinged seat adjacent to the bike rack with an off cut of carpet covering the wooden floor. Germany – thank you for your honesty.



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