notes from the road

I think I understood the French better…

‘There were a few big names like Spongle and Saber death but mainly just sinth, prog and glitch bands’ the girl said to me as I tried to look like I had any sort of idea of what she was talking about. Then a girl with a semi shaved head who appeared to be constantly yelling even when she was whispering told me the intimate details of a lass who she was text flirting with. All the while I shivered in my winter coat on this bitter summers day.

This is the most freaking culture shocked I’ve ever been and I haven’t even left my country!

Melbourne is a wacky place, it’s big, takes ages to get anywhere and is full of so many, different,  people. I am yet to meet anyone who has been less than friendly and I feel that my initial alienation is just part of the initiation process. The body tries to push away the bionic arm before it fully embraces it!

My last month at home was great and now faced with many challenges in an unfamiliar environment  I think about it fondly.  The first step into a new city is always a challenge for me, but it gets easier. I’ve almost walked into some accommodation for the next three weeks, and will hopefully leap into a job shortly too…


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