notes from the road

Job hunt tip #142: SMILE!

Thirteen days into my new life in Melbourne and I am really starting to feel it. Not exactly the coolness, culture and creativity that I had envisioned but instead the strains of the job hunt. Working gives a sense of achievement. Even when you hate it and are counting down the minutes until the weekend – at least on the weekend you revel in the time you’ve got to relax. I am hunting within the typified work hours and  am making progress  but I still haven’t got much to show for my work which doesn’t send the spirits soaring. Yet I know that the fashion that I am going about it may take time. All I have heard is that it is contacts that will get you a job, so I have been working on developing my contacts extensively since I’ve been here. This has lead to some interesting leads and I feel I am gaining a lot of useful knowledge. But…. at the same time I also feel that I’m entering into relationships – regardless of how fleeting or twitterised they may be – with an agenda.

I want a job, and I will put on any friendly facade to get one.

The funny thing though is that none of my new contacts have provided any fruit yet I still feel much better for branching out. Something that I constantly seem to forget is that when you move to another place where you hardly know anyone, you hardly know anyone. Though there are plenty of people around it takes a while to melt the outer layers and really get to know them.  So the more people that I meet the more roots I feel I am planting in this place. While not showing it’s worth in a professional sense yet, it certainly has on a social level, and that is something that shouldn’t be overlooked with the job hunt.


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