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Would you like to try: Unemployment!

Life is all about experiencing new things isn’t it? At the moment I’m experiencing unemployment. It’s not something that I would ultimately like to experience for a long time, but I think it is worth while. I now know that the government New Start allowance is spot on. Without it I would not be getting by but it certainly does not give me enough to live a cushy lifestyle – there is plenty of incentive to get work (as there should be). Almost more pressing than the need for money is the need for fulfillment and social inclusion. I want to finish a day knowing that I’ve earned my keep and place in society, that I’ve done something worth while. Though I approach the job hunt like a job in itself (I’ve got another 3 hours until my 45 minute lunch break) I don’t get the same satisfaction. This is quite understandable as my day involves applying for things and receiving negative responses. It’s easy to feel down when everyone around you has a job and you don’t. But this does give some incentive. The other day I saw a man buy some thickened cream, and I thought, one day, one day very soon I’m going to have a job, and I’ll buy thickened cream too! So at this moment where I am very unemployed and for every dollar in my bank account I have 90 dollars in debt (still claiming that it was wisely invested), I would like to place a little reminder marker. Soon things will be very different.



One response

  1. Dru

    just because every one eles does doesn’t mean you have to… some times individuality just isn’t practical. . .keep pluggin away, your doing a good job.

    27,March, 2011 at 1:59 pm

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