notes from the road

Catch the Tram

Today I saw something fantastically simple. I was sheltering under my drooping umbrella as I waited in the rain for my tram to arrive when a tram coming in the other direction slowed and stopped at the lights. As it did this little chutes in front of the wheels released a small amount of sand onto the tracks to give the wheels some traction as it slowed down. With all the electronic stability control and anti-lock braking that goes on with cars all trams need is a little sand on the tracks and they are right to go – or stop as it were.

This got me thinking about how the simplest things are often the best. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to go to many job interviews and I’ve tried out a few different techniques. Initially I didn’t want to be too stiff or unnatural so I went in rather casually. Though I dressed presentably my demenour may not have been what was desired. I referenced ‘balls’ somewhere during the interview and though I don’t think it is a swear word, I will concede that it probably wasn’t appropriate. Lesson learned. At the following interviews I tried to be what they wanted – a lean, mean sales machine and I gave them the slicked back ‘I am the right man for the job’ Justin. This didn’t feel natural at all and I failed to truely give the best impression of myself.

I just had an interview today for a job that I am very keen on and I tried to keep the tram in mind. All I needed to do was show why I wanted the job, why I’m good for the job and then let us both decide if we are good for each other. I wasn’t too casual this time, I didn’t try to be anything that I’m not and I took the time to think about the questions I was asked and wanted to ask. These are all simple things but they’re often the best.


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