notes from the road

I’m working on it

Working is great. Being in the thick of a thriving, knowledgeable environment with savvy switched on people is a great way to learn and change your way of seeing how things are done. I’ve had the opportunity to put a lot of my theoretical skills into practice and to kick up some ideas and sail them along the river seeing where they go. But an added bonus of working is that there are weekends! Because times inbetween working could not exist without the work – why have book ends if you don’t have any books?

I thought coming to Melbourne that the weather would be sub par – but I’ve really learned something here too. Despite it being just a few days past the winter equinox the sun is shining brightly and it is ace weather for kicking a footy and cracking out the slackline. I’ve also got my act together on the tennis court and been for many a wander around the streets.

Not only is working good, but it makes not working better too!


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