notes from the road

Mind your step

Your emotions can mess you up. This is the conclusion that I have come to after an emotionally tumultuous couple of weeks. I had a relationship with a lass, and thankfully I still do – but it took a few dips and turns along the way. In a nut shell, we were good friends but I wondered if it could be anything else – a rocky journey followed and now we are back as good friends and we are all happy.

Along the way however my mind got drunk on my emotions and my vision was hazy like a junkie on artificial cannabis. I thought things that I wouldn’t normally have and when I questioned myself I was unsure if I could trust my own judgement. My actions too reflected my inability to function on a proper cerebral level so I clung to the only solid thing I could on the shifting sea of social mores. I stuck fast to the rule of common sense that the best way to get over someone is to give them a wide berth – but to no avail (the common phrase about absence and the heart did not come to mind). And then I listened to this:

[ width=”480″ height=”411″]

My intentions were always pure but my actions were not being interpreted as such. It was interesting and frustrating to find out that what I did could be seen completely oppositely to that which I intended. As Ellen says – no one rocks up to work thinking ‘I’m going to be really difficult to be around’ or ‘Who’s someone I can bully now’ – interpretations are very personal and there are not always steadfast rules.

So after listening to this I scrapped my rule idea and dug to the root of my feelings. I did want to have this person in my life – and as a friend would actually be quite alright.

All situations are unique and it pays to be mindful.


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