notes from the road

Popular – for a reason.

Back in the day when Harry Potter first came out, I was a nay saying sceptic. I poo poo’d anyone who read the book and dismissed it as popularist tripe.  And then I read it. And loved it. Since then I’ve encouraged all I know to read it, bought copies for people and even watched two stage musical adaptions of it performed by school kids on youtube (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it – it’s awesome ).

Point is that I’m often more inclinded to distance myself from something popular initially based on it being popular rather than its actual merits. Perhaps it comes from my penchance for Triple J, which is anything but commercial. Or my desire to be different and unique and like a dazzling star flying across the nights sky…..among all the other stars in the universe.

Regardless, I often do come to realise the beauty of things that are popular and I am not ashamed to sing their praises once I do. My latest is the iPhone. My, what a tool – and I’m not refering to the people that use them as I originally would have. Now days I go everywhere with it, finding my way on the go, booking places, contacting people, taking photos – it’s a veritable swiss army knife with a fifth dimension. Also I can talk to it and it will call people for me – this doesn’t save any time or is really that useful – but I feel sooooo cool doing it. Perhaps I’m being a bit narrow minded when I say this, but I feel like as a modern man, I breath, iPhone. Cavemen used rocks, the modern man uses an iPhone. I’m not going overboard here I think, it’s not like I have a name for the thing and take it to bed with me tucked up in a little iSleepingBag – it’s just an inordinately useful tool – and I really like that and it deserves to be popular.

There’s a reason why there are always crowds at the Eiffel tower.

p.s Here’s a list of other popular things that I am quite partial too.

– The song ‘someone I used to know’ by Gotye

– Lady Gaga

– The new Kia Optima

– Krispy Kreme Donuts

– The sound of a Commodore V8

– The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown

– The film Notting Hill


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