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PR like travelling

Like a sharp knife cutting through a sponge cake – working in PR gives the opportunity to experience many different layers, and flavours. In the last few weeks I’ve met with and interviewed international experts on post traumatic stress, chron’s disease, Aboriginal welfare and leading sports lawyers. In a way it’s like typing in random words to Wikipedia and then having access to whoever wrote it (though with more women – fact: over 90% of Wikipedia pages are written by fellas!).

I’ve had an interest in cars and sports for a while but that was taken over rapidly with travel. This providing a way to experience lots of odd tid bits here and there. I became fascinted with things i’d previously payed no heed to whatsoever. I’d never had an interest in pouring tea before I went to Morocco but when there I was captivated with the process.

PR consultancy is throwing up similar opportunities to learn odd things from varied people. While learning so much about my own profession, I’m learning just as much about other people’s.