notes from the road


I’m originally from a sheep property just outside of Tamworth in rural Australia where I grew up with my family. While studying Communication at Newcastle University I stumbled across some exchange students and from them I learned how easy, accessible and relatively cheap travel can be. I took the opportunity to study abroad in England and while there I ambled around Europe too. Here I was struck dumb by how accommodating people were to the English Language.

After finishing my degree I trekked through the USA meeting friends and making new ones and tried my hand at many different jobs and ways of life. Somehow keeping enough money to survive. I then moved to France where I worked as an English teacher and tryied to get a hold of the French language. It’s a saucy mistress and commands respect.

Now back in Australia I have moved to Melbourne and am working my way into the Public Relations scene – applying the many things I’ve learned whilst travelling to a professional environment. Despite staying the one location my mind still wanders like vagabond and there is always something to think about.

Here are my notes from the road.


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