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Throw another shrimp on the barbie

What is interesting about travelling overseas is hearing and observing how your own country is represented. I was expecting to be bombarded with references to Australia (the film) which costing $150 million and having a star studded cast and director was sure to be a smash world wide. But word on the street is that it bombed. The only time that I heard any reference to it was when I asked someone who said that they were a big movie buff if they had seen it – their reply ‘yeah – I didn’t like it’. What was surprising was the amount of people that asked whether I knew Summer Heights High. Many people mentioned this to me and say that they really love Mr G. They are viewing it mainly on the internet despite it being shown on one of their many many many TV channels. This wouldn’t be quite as popular as Flight of the Conchords – which everyone seems to love (note that ‘everyone’ here refers to the young, generally wealthy, intelligent, socially conscious people that I’m hanging out with). Now with music I thought that Wolfmother would be big Aussie news as they won a Grammy award beating out Nine Inch Nails and Tool, yet only one person that I’ve talked to has heard of them. However I overheard someone talking about The John Butler Trio, and when I was in a large trendy clothes store Muscles’ ‘Ice-cream’ came on over the sound system. Also I recently heard Missy Higgins playing in a yoga shop where we were doing some pilates, and upon my mentioning this to Zach, he said that he was a fan. It’s unlikely that I’m going to hear any Aussie music like the Presets or PNAU when we go ‘out’ though, as this is purely the realm of Gangsta, wicky wa wa hip hop – the strangest one that I heard being a song about Obama who is inaugurated here in about 6 days – BIG news. Not as big as the American cars here though – my word! They dwarf anything Australia has to offer – although I’ve barely been able to test this properly as I have not seen one of the 18 000 or so Holden Monaros that we exported here as Pontiac GTO’s over the last 2 years. Although I did get a fleeting glimpse of Aussie today when I saw a Commodore dressed as a Pontiac G6 glide around a corner and it did actually look quite handsome compared to the majority of blunt and bulbous American cars.

Other big Australia news is ‘The best job in the world’ which was advertised on many TV stations and had lots of people here talking about it. This would have to be one of the best PR campaigns done in recent times – although it won’t be able to out do ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie’ which people say to me every now and then.