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Hi there, and welcome to my new blog! The reason that i have changed from my previous blog ( is two fold. The first is that i am no longer overseas and that instead of writing about the crazy things that happen while travelling i’ll be writing about the crazy things that happen while studying at Uni, as well as my fleeting thoughts and musings on life. The second reason for the change is that the site that my previous blog was hosted on did not allow any feedback from people who viewed the blog that weren’t logged on as members. This effectively stopped most of the people that read the blog from commenting.

I’m a communications student, and although i often wonder if i do actually learn much here at Uni, i know that communication is not a one way street – there needs to be feedback. Infact the reason that the my keyboard is making a tap tap taping sound as i’m typing this is because it was designed this way – to provide feedback for the user. The keys are effectively saying to me ‘that’s right buddy, you really are pressing me and i feel it’. And that is what I would essentially like from my blog. I don’t want to write words that get swept into the endless abyss of the internet. I want them to find people. They don’t have to find many people, but i would like to know that at least someone read them.