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Sausage heaven

Living on campus i don’t really have to cook much for myself, which suits me fine as in my first semester i had to do this and i realised that it took up a lot of time and effort. It’s not that i hate cooking, but i just really appreciate other people doing it for me, choosing what to cook, cooking it, cleaning up after me. These are all good things. Many people on campus though complain about the food here – ‘it’s not as good as my mums’, ‘it looks like a cooked turd’ etc. And i’ve always grouped these negative nelly’s in with people who say that they’d never live on campus because of the horrible food – The same people that say that they really enjoy cooking. Now I’ve generally thought that these people were a little bit cuckoo, because I would group cooking into the same categeory as washing clothes, or having a shower – things that you do but don’t really get off on, until recently…. I was wondering around the supermarket today with a couple of cans of baked beans in my basket when i spotted a shiney yellow packet saying ‘Sausage caseroul’ on it. I love sausages, so i picked it up and found myself getting quite excited about making it and i whipped back through the isles to find the ingredients that i would need. And now even though i’m not looking at the enticing photo on the front of the packet, i’m still anticipating tomorrow night when I can cook myself to saucy sausage heaven! Maybe this is what those people feel that live off campus???