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Hmm, in what continent should I work???

The work here has been nice and demanding as has the hunt for a job. I’ve now given four of my five lessons and they have generally gone very very well and I’ve learned a whole lot, and surprisingly enjoyed it very much. My big decision of late has been where to work. I finally had to make the decision between Africa and Europe and Europe won out. This actually surprised me as I was leaning towards Africa initially. I talked the decision over with some people and heard some mixed opinions, but it was actually my younger sister who really swayed me with one little sentence.
“I’d like to see you regularly next year, not just once in a while”
I then thought how nice that would be. So I’m focusing my efforts on Brussels. Reasons being that I have heard some positive responses about Freelance work there, most people would think to go to Paris, and it is four hours from Birmingham where Dru will be staying.
Being here I’ve also been able to analyse how I learn things a lot more than I have been able to in previous study. We’ve been studying grammar, which I struggle with terribly. Not because I am lazy or can’t remember it, but that I need it all to make sense and follow rules, which it doesn’t always do. It’s like maths, but just not quite. And I now know that when given a new piece of information, I tend to try and poke holes in it before I will accept it. This isn’t always good for grammar, but it could be good for other things.
Well it might be.