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Lets all live together!

My friend Ryan looks like a hippie, and there’s no denying that he also has a penchant for some hippie-esque activities – eating rice, wearing brown pants, riding a bike and climbing trees. So it shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise that he has friends of a similar nature. On Wednesday after work Ryan was invited to by an old friend to have dinner with her, and her eleven house mates at her house. And Ryan being the gentlemen that he was asked if some of us could come as well – which we jumped at.

The house that Ryan’s friend lives in is like a big old homestead. It has two stories, nine bedrooms and four bathrooms. It was chosen specifically to accommodate a large group of people who wanted to live in a communal way. They take it in turns cooking dinner for each other, and doing chores like cleaning the bathroom, the dishes and dumpster diving….. Over eighty percent of their food comes from trash bins (ahhh how American am I) outside supermarkets, resulting in the total cost of each person for food per week being under $20.

Ryan’s friend Mariah adorned with lip ring was very lovely indeed as were all of her house mates. As it turned out none of them were in business or finance, instead most were students, teachers, musicians and graphic designers and thankfully good cooks. For dinner we had a nice vege stir fry with rice and afterwards we were invited to come back on Friday to take part in their 80’s cross dressing themed party. I’m interested in going to see some of the members perform in their band, a hip hop out fit that produces concept albums. Their latest is taking off where Will Smith left – in his first few movies he provided the theme songs to his films such as Men In Black and Wild Wild West, but lately he’s been slacking. They have him covered – writing songs for I am Legend, Pursuit of Happiness and Bad boys.

It really was a great experience meeting people who live in this way, sharing a meal with them and understanding that there is a different way to live. But I live with 14 other people and spent $33 on my last fortnightly grocery shop, so I guess I’m sort of doing my own communal thing at the moment – without having to dig in the bins for my dins.