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Money matters?


I would really like to write about CGI as it was an amazing experience, but at the moment it is not what has been on my mind. Yet it has definitely affected what is on my mind. I’ve been thinking about my plans next year, how I’m going to get there, and my immediate plans. And it’s fair to say that it can get a bit worrying. Last night I went out to some fancy bars with some volunteers and we had some great discussions. In the last bar, over the top of the loud music and blare from the wrestling on the TV we discussed money and how that was involved to make the world a better place. My stance was that it wasn’t just right to wait until you get money before you do something good. My good looking Swedish (is that tautology?) friend thought that you could only really do much good when you have money. Well, today I am thinking about money too. And how I am planning on getting enough to go where I need to. Thing is that I don’t really want to continue with my current employment as I find it very draining, I don’t like promoting alcohol and I feel I could sell many more if I lied. However, after some very unsuccessful ventures into the job market I feel that I really should stick to it as it does actually pay in money – regardless of how little. And now I just feel a bit better having looked at a calender – if I can save $150 every week for the rest of the time that I am here then I will have enough to see me through my TEFL course. This is achievable – I just have to tough it out on the street. And then I was thinking about whether this was what I actually want to do. I’ve never wanted to be a teacher, and I am really only doing it to learn French. So would there be a more cost effective way to learn French? Could I just do a course? Perhaps so. However, my current job experiences have helped me out somewhat. I now know that it is not always fun having to do odd jobs, and that having a secure job would be comforting. Sometimes you do need a certain amount of money to be able to do things.

On the Harlem Tours front. I was planning on printing out the posters today but I haven’t received them from my designer. Hopefully they will arrive tonight. I’m planning on running them in conjunciton with the ticket selling.