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Olympics games or shames?

Olympics hey? They are everywhere at the moment, and I’m torn between loving them and singing their merits from the treetops and wanting the whole thing to end in a firey explosion. I’ve been watching a fair bit of the games and have been getting quite into many sports that I’ve never really cared about before – European handball and BMX racing for instance. And it is sooo cool to have good stuff to watch on tele all the time, I just flick it on while I”m having lunch and i’m almost garanteed a good few minutes of sporting action. And looking on a larger scale the Olympics seem to unite the world, getting all countries to compete against one another on an equal stage, superpowers vs minows, wealthy vs poor, Eastern vs Western. All differences are aside and people are playing the same game against other people. This surely shows that we are all just the same as each other.

Yet at the same time this spirit of unity seems to be washed down the creek as people scramble to support their country, in whipping lesser countries that don’t spend as much money on sporting development as their own. The networks jump on board too as they follow what people want, as they are just interested in the dollar value of the games at the end of the day. And I can’t say that i’m imune to it either, if an Aussie is in the race i’m alot more interested and likely to watch. What really lights my sparkler is the advertising that goes with it. Now I really should know by now that Ads are not the shining beacon of truth and judgment for all to behold, but the way that they jump on board makes me throw up just a little bit (figeratively). I just saw one add that was so over the top with people saying how much they love aussie athletes, how they have done us proud, how they make our lives worth living, how they are putting us on the map and how they are the ultimate humans and that we should aspire to be just like them. Blah! When it all boils down, they are playing games or running in lines or having a swim. They don’t actually achieve anything, apart from making themselves a bit of money perhaps. They don’t really add anything to the world. The value of the games is in competing and that people from all countries do it – the sports themselves don’t add didley squat. If the Olympics games were actually a big sissor paper rock competition it would still hold as much value as long as all countries were represented and competing on an equal front. Although no doubt the obscenley wealthy countries would still invest in Institutes for developing their teams skills, and probably make shiney suits for them to wear to get every advantage possible. Hmm, so much money is spent on making a country good, and it is a monumental waste in my books, boo to sport and competiton and the Olympics…..But at the same time, we are 5th on the medal tally at the moment and are being beaten by the Poms, we must do better!