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Step Aside Robert Downey Jr and Move Over Tri-Athletes……

I’m a 23 year old guy and on occasion I need to look the part. So this week I splashed out and bought the new Philips GC2560 and it is phenomenal. Finished in dark grey, white and chrome it’s got 2100W of power, a 95g boost with high capacity storage, Double Active Calc system and at the press of a button it growls like a tiger. It’s an iron.

Initially I felt really old buying it, like a proper adult. But at the moment it is just something that I really need. All the nice looking business shirts and ties are pretty useless if they are grandma wrinkly. However, upon opening up the box and checking out my latest toy (I didn’t do this in the shop – I just asked for the cheapest thing on offer) I found that this particular white good was actually designed by someone like me, someone on the go, someone who wants to inject a bit of fun into their life. For starters it heats up quicker than a commodore bonnet in Alice Springs and when you press the steam boost button it hisses and snarls in a gloriously angry fashion – I’ve got no idea what it does, but it sounds ace! Best of all though is that there’s a spray nozzle out the front near the nose and at the push of another button it’ll squirt a sharp mist of water. Now many people out there would be thinking

‘why would anyone want to combine a water pistol with an iron, I mean I thought camera phones were a bit silly but this is ridiculous’

But I know, I understand completely. Let me just paint you a picture.

It’s a hot day and you and your family are playing a little water fight game. As time goes on you are nearing the end of your armaments having used up all the water bombs and your water gun is running on empty. Thinking quickly you race into the laundry and confront your adversaries.

‘Ha, an iron what use is that’

They think as they lower their weapons and walk up to you (preferably within 30 cm) and then WHAM you hit the go button with your trigger finger and shower them in a fine spray of iron mist! Boom! You win!

I understand completely, this is a product for all occasions and I am one very proud new owner.

Just call me the Iron Man!