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That’s the name of the game

So here’s one thing that I really enjoy – making catchy titles for things. If it was actually a job to come up with rhyming headlines, or Alliterative advertisment slogans then I would pursue it with all vigour. Alright I might wonder after a while what I really have given back to the community  – whether there would be anything more worthy to write on my headstone than ‘Here lies a man whose finest work included rhyming ‘fossil’ with ‘collossul’ in the spring 2015 edition of Dinosaur Madness’. So instead of aiming at that lofty career path I try to incorporate it as much as I can into my current career and social life. A recent very well recieved example is the subject line that I included in my first email to twenty or so full time collegues at work. It said “Vagabonding session” and was regarding setting lunch times with the Vagabonds so that they could get to know the full time staff. I got two compliments back about it which made me feel well chuffed. Although I certainly enjoy the compliments they do not dictate the direction of my work. Quite recently I made a title that had me smiling on the inside like a goose on laughing gas, although I knew that no one else would be likely to get it. It was in fact the title of the very last post on this blog “I like pie”. The blog referred to Obama and my serendipidious encounter with an apple pie. This title works a treat because in the lead up to the election Obama made reference to his taste in pies, which was picked up by the Chaser’s war on everything team who printed shirts with him and the caption “I like pie” on them.  Ahh it all fits so neatly.