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4 reasons I like America

1. Venice Beach – this is where we go slacklining – there is so much culture and cool people about. Here’s a list of the different activities that go on in one small area: skateboarding, skate dancing, bike tricks, graffiti painting, basketball, muscle building, hand ball, street performers, slacklining (that’s basically just us) and there are always people getting by on wonderful contraptions – like three wheeled bikes with boom boxes rigged up to them.

2. Diddy Reece – this is a shop that gives you a cookie and icecream sandwhich for $1.50. And when you ask for a cup of water (for free) they say ‘would you only like one?’. Brilliant.

3. Taco Bell – this is a Fast Mexican food chain which serves great food (keep in mind I am no food snob) at really really low prices. The other day I got a meal for $1.89 – and it was a fiesta of fun and flavour.

4. From my house where I live I can walk at any hour of the day to a doughnut store in the nieghbourhood and get almost anysort of doughnut I want. I think I might walk there tonight, mmmmmm.


Things that make me happy

Human curiosity is a marvellous thing, and at work recently I got to see it in it’s prime. Due to some construction, just ouside the TOMS doorway we have a wide diameter poly pipe sticking 30cm out of the ground with a brightly coloured yellow lever on it. The sort of yellow lever that says – push me and something will happen. And when this sort of lever is attached to a large poly pipe, it is pretty easy to guess what will happen. But you can never be too sure… Someone pushed the lever and water spurted 5 metres up into the air – it was very good fun indeed. Who would have thought?

Just as much fun as spontaneously seeing a fountain in your work place is slacklining on Venice beach. I’ve mentioned it before, but it really is the place to be. The slacklining itself is great fun – I’m learning many new tricks such as the Prince of Persia (jump and slide), electric slide (leap and 360 step), sitting on my knees and falling off on my face. But it is not actually the slacklining that makes the experience so much fun, it’s the people that you meet.

As slacklining has a bit of a wow factor, people watch and also come up and ask for a try. I don’t think there was fifteen minutes that we were in our spot when we weren’t joined by someone new. And the people that we met were really interesting, and we are likely to see them again down there as we exchanged numbers (and business cards). One of the people who I’m hoping to see again is a chap called Wyatt. He fell off his bike right infront of us and lay there passed out for about a minute. By the time we’d told the paramedics how to get here he’d regained consciousness, but was still a little shaky. He was new in town and looking for a job and some pals – hopefully we’ll see him next week!

I even got to star in not one but two videos: The first one with Joe promoting a not for profit organization( ) for some people that hung out with us for about half an hour

And the second for an organization that makes organic t-shirts. Apparently they work with TOMS which is a bit of a coincidence and they think I look a bit like our founder Blake.