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Don’t question the Universe…

The other day I was frantically ramming all of my coins into the ticket machine as a train approached the station. When it had stopped I realised that I was thirty cents short and I missed it. As I sat on the bench wondering why the world was so against me I absentmindedly checked my phone – which had a message saying I didn’t need to go to work that day and I could just stay home.  It’s funny how some events can have unexpected consequences.

Today as I was changing trains at North Melbourne I thought I’d profit in my few moments and send a message on my phone but there was too much glare at the platform that I was at, so I sidled under the shade at the adjoining platform. Here I watched as two girls got off the train, one sat down and the other said

‘sorry to be a bitch, but I’ve got to go – hope you’re alright’.

The girl sitting down was wearing big glasses and she leaned over with elbows on her knees – just like anyone would when they are bored and waiting for a train. Just then my train arrived but as I heard what her friend had said to her I asked her if she was alright. She mumbled that she had a sore head and felt dizzy. I didn’t know what to do then, so I patted her on the shoulder like I’ve seen many natural born carers do. Then I felt lame, so I asked if she thought it would be a good idea to get some assistance. She agreed, so I scampered off to get a train official. He then called the ambulance and we both sat with her trying to keep her talking. She was a Uni student about to go to an O-week tutorial and she’d never fainted before or been drinking. When the paramedics arrived I said good luck and hopped on my train – it was after all my second day of work.

At the first station I knew I’d made a mistake and caught the wrong train. I should have walked to another platform earlier on that day and it was only by mistake that I had been at the platform where I saw the girl.

I wonder how much of it really was a mistake though.