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I’m just about to move into a new role so I thought it would be a good idea to find someone to take over my old position. Below is an advertisement for the role, please apply if you feel you have the appropriate skills and experience or forward it on if you know someone who does.

Position available for Motivated Self Starter

Interested in having the freedom to work for yourself when you want, where you want and how you want?  Have no experience and want to get out of the daily grind? Then read on and apply.

A position will be made available for a self starter with strong communication and organisational skills. In order to excel you must be highly motivated, have strong presentation experience, creativity and the ability to find and exploit opportunities.

Essential requirements:

  • Strong list of contacts and the ability to network effectively with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • Exceptional time management skills are paramount. This position is very flexible and enables you to work at the hours of your choosing in a completely autonomous environment.
  • Goal focussed and able to reach specific KPI’s (key performance indicators) on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Ability to make appointments with government departments and adhere to them on a regular basis – your salary will depend upon it.
  • Strong communication skills are essential both written and spoken as cold calls will be required and your writing must withstand scrutiny.
  • Outstanding attention to detail and understanding of grammar and punctuation.
  • You must be familiar with Microsoft Word, file management, strategically using social media and have strong internet research skills.
  • Professional appearance and developed interpersonal skills are critical to your success in this role.
  • A University degree will be looked upon favourably but will not guarantee success in this position.
In addition strong budgeting skills will be useful and you must be able to take negative responses in your stride. This position will commence with a three month trial period with support offered at its completion.  If this sounds like you please send a two page personal introduction and CV (limited to 6 pages) to