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The weird needs embracing.

Living in a city like Melbourne comes with certain obligations. If the opportunity to join a dance party in the cross section of a two major streets arises, it should be taken. Likewise if there happens to be a mass pillow fight in a park. French choirs, interpretive dance classes, far left revolutionary talks, poetry readings and grotesque theatre are what make Melbourne what it is. These activities and occasions for meeting outstanding people and pushing yourself to do oddball activities are not available in many other places. Wackiness in a place like Tamworth is certainly there but it grows in the dark corners, in Melbourne you’ve got to duck to avoid it.

Yet if it weren’t for all of the loopy, creative and fascinating activities and people in Melbourne it would be a shame to live here. It’s cold, the rent is high and it takes a dreadfully long time to get from anywhere to someplace different. Here the appeal of country towns is evident and it is surprising that more people don’t live there. If working, watching TV, seeing a film, playing sports and having some open spaces is your cup of tea (you must be willing to part with the coffee too) then you should not be in the city. But for me, for this moment I am lapping up the oddities. I just returned from seeing a friend of a friend perform a gig at a hotel down the road. She sung the most hauntingly uplifting songs with an insatiable voice whilst wearing a pink unicorn outfit. Fill me with your weird Melbourne.