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Classless = Clueless?

We live in a classless society. Some would argue this, but in comparison to the regimented system in England during the dark ages or the Cast system in India this loses ground. The benefits of this are vast – anyone regardless of what sort of background or upbringing that they have can achieve and do what ever they want to do. But it isn’t common that the disadvantages of this are discussed. One consequence of the classless system is that everyone can and is striving for the sorts of occupations and lifestyles previously only held by the aristocrats – if anyone can achieve it then why not? So instead of only the upper classes attaining to be wealthy, rich, successful and powerful – everyone is. This results in value being placed on the previously mentioned traits and occupations, and lifestyles that do not have this are undervalued. Compare the social capital of  Lawyers and Farmers. Lawyers are well respected and are the sort of occupation that we would all love our children, or at least our children’s future spouses to have, where as farmers despite providing food for all of society lack the same clout. Why is this?

            It all comes back to the ultimate question – what is our purpose in life? And the reality that people are increasingly choosing to turn away from previous held aims of providing for the family, being of benefit to society, living a happy and healthy lifestyle, and are instead aiming for the stars fame, status, power and money.

 I’ve been musing this over because I am choosing where I would like to go in life, where I would like to work, what I would like to achieve and where I see my self. And these thoughts have been running through my mind.